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    Embedded .tif-pictures in InDesign 5...

    guido.bissig Level 1


      A colleague sent me an InDesign CS5 file with a lot of embedded .tif-pictures. I wanted to open this file
      with my InDesign 5.5 but there was always the error message: missing the link with .tif-pictures.
      My colleague wrote:
      "because this
      file is quite old and used older versions of InDesign originally it
      seems to have embedded the .tiff files - so I don't have them on my
      computer. It seems your version of InDesign is not supporting the
      embedded files. I'm not sure how to export them from the file, and to completely
      re-create them as .eps would take a long time. I'm not sure what to do
      about this.

      What could we do?

      Is it possible that my colleague export these .tif-pictures somehow? If yes, how?

      Thanks for all answers!