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    Ty Spearman

      Hello and thank you for your interest in my question...


      I am inside of workbench and cannot get a grasp on how I would insert or update an SQL database.  With that said let me give a little background on this project:


      All of my forms are tied to my xml in a data connection inside of Designer.  I have successfully queried my database and pre-filled my forms with the proper data based on a standard number a user enters in to launch the application (this all works wonderfully).  However, I have a few drop-down lists on some of these forms where the user would select a value and based on their selection we would pass that to the database (update).  These drop downs are bound to my xml.



      So, back to workbench....in theory I can voice how the update would happen in workbench.  But I just cannot grasp how to go about it.  I know somehow I have to "hold" the values the user selected on the form in a variable. I believe to be using the correct event in live cycle:  Parameterized Query.  However, I fail to understand how to hold onto the values a user selected in the form and pass that along in an update from within workbench.  Would this be accomplished with a regular process variable or do I create a new XML schema to hold onto that data and based on the "new" data go ahead with the update?



      My workflow is as follows:  I display the form and once the user has finished the form they submit it.  Next, inside of workbench i have an export data event (I am unsure if I really need this) and I select the PDF to export data from.  My data format can be "auto, XDP or XML Data; if I am to use the export Data event which one of these do I need to select??  My output is either a variable or X-path expression??  Now I move to the next step where I execute my "insert or update".  I would assume the "test" values should be the variables I created to hold my user's selection from the form??  Hopefully I have explained this enough to where it is not confusing.  I apologize if it is as I am basically learning LiveCycle on the "fly".