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    MXF & HDV comptability & system specs

    Peter J Burn Level 1



      THis system has a SuperMicro board with two quad XEONS, 16 gigs of RAM, QuadroFX 3800 and two channel AVID SCSI RAIDs.  PPRO CS5.5.


      THe project is XDCAM HD 35mps shot with PDW 700.  8 hours of material. When I try to put HDV footage shot with a Sony Z1U into the project it freezes.


      Tried *.m2t, MPEG, and MXF rendered from both Sony Vegas 10e 64 bit and PPRO 5.5.  I captured the footage using a Sony M10U(?) VCR via both Vegas and Premiere Pro CS5.5; made no difference.


      Is the low RAM (16 gigs) a factor?  THis is driving me crazy and the client is getting anxious because I cannot finish this without using the aerial footage I recorded with the Z1U.  When I tried bringing in the material as MPEG (from PPRO CS5.5 capture) it went into an endless "indexing" loop so I closed the project and reverted to the previous version.  Please advise if you have any idea why this is happening.


      BTW: when I import the m2t files into After Effects CS5.5 it freezes and I have to close it manually.


      thanks in advance for any help!  Peter