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    <a> tag is creating error in import XML in InDesign CS5.5


      Hi All,


      I am doing upgrade from InDesign CS2 to InDesign CS5.5.


      I have indt file. It has been designed using the CS2 and now converted that indt file into CS5.5 using InDesign CS5.5.


      But I am facing some serious issue while doing export to pdf in CS5.5 version.

      I am following below steps:

      1) Open indt file.

      2) File Menu --> Import XML... [This XML file contains <a href="website link"> html tag]

      3) XML Import Options [no change- defalut options selected]

      4) Ideally it should merge this XML data with the indt file but it is asking me for some input and showing me "Find:" dialog [Check below snapshot]



      I did some research and find out that I am getting this Find dialog because of the <a> tag in XML. when I removed the <a> tag from XML then it didn't give any dialog box and imported XML without any issue.


      I am getting that xml from system and I cant remove the <a> tag from xml manually.


      However I was not getting any error while doing import XML in CS2 version.


      Please can anybody help in this?