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    System-wide color management

    Bill Vojtech

      I work in a place where we get files from a variety of sources– anything from a MS Publisher file produced by a volunteer organization to InDesign files produced by professional graphic designers.


      We've found that the same file can look totally different, depending on what program we print it from. For example, we got a PDF in that was created in InDesign. I placed in in InDesign so that I could combine it with another piece of art and printed it and the images looked flat and had a yellow cast. If I exported it as a PDF and opened it in Photoshop and printed it it was sharper and it lost the yellow cast.


      I need to set up our system so that whatever the source of the file, out printer, (Konica-Minolta biz hub), will give us what the customer expects.


      Of course, we have no control over the computers the jobs are being created on, and they're sure to be set up differently.


      We also have different programs that we work out of. We can print straight from InDesign, we might save an InDesign file as a PDF so that we can bring it into a program called Printshop Mail and add addressing and other personalization. Printshop Mail likes RGB images better than CMYK.


      Of course, we also work in Illustrator.


      Is there a book on how to set up and color manage a system with hardware and software from a variety of vendors?

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          John Danek Level 4

          Adobe has some decent resources on their support site(s).  I do not know of any books that could help you.  There are some like "Real World Color Management" and others.  You are in an open-loop workflow.  Unfortunately, files are unpredictable.  I would recommend sending all of your customers your color settings and profiles so they can build the file to your specs.  This will cut down dramatically on the many differences.  Communicate with your customers and encourage them to contact you early on in the file prep process.

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            gator soup Level 4

            if you want to to do any faithful Conversion(s) to monitor space(s), target space(s), or print space(s) — you will FIRST need to use embedded profiles or Assign the correct profiles (if the profiles are missing)


            when you are handed a 'problem' file, open it, and determine if you are using the embedded profile, or unknowingly Applying your own default working profile, or manually Assigning the wrong profile...ultimately you need to use (ie, Apply, Assign) the correct source profile to your file (that becomes a guessing game if the profile wasn't embedded or noted for you)


            until this is understood from every possible angle, you won't get good consistent monitor or printed proofs (unless the file happens to be in your default working space or it has already been converted to your proofing space)


            I recommend giving this a thorough read: www.gballard.net/psd/cmstheory.html