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    Issue with configuring datasource in LC ES2 configuration manager.

    LiveCyclePoC Level 1



      I setting up ES2 server on WebSphere ND appserver with an existing application datasource Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit.


      I am getting the error ALC-LCM-130-100 when trying to configure the datasource and test the database connection. Connection details mentioned on the screen are correct because I am able to connect to the database in PL/SQL developer with those connection details.


      I configured IDP_DS datasource manually in Websphere admin console and skip the configure datasource in LC configuration manager. But it fails in validation of data source (for Rights management I guess) later, even though I am not trying to configure or install rights management module.



      Validating datasource...
      IDP_DS Pass
      RM_DS Fail
      http://myhost:9080/adobe-lcm-lcvalidator/validate?validation_type=DS_v alidation&DS_jndi_name=EDC_DS
      ALC-LCM-120-300: Data source settings failed validation.




      Can somebody please help?


      I appreciate your help.