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    Acrobat 9 Pro color profiles?

    SageofthePit Level 1

      here is my situation:


      I create multipage mockups in Illustrator (all of my Adobe software is Creative Suite 5 Design Premium running on Win7 32bit [I wish it was 64, but printers don't like it so.. yeah]) and after creating them , i then save them to a modifed PDF Preset PDF file.


      My problem is this: All of my color profiles are synched via Bridge for uniformity. I know this doesn't apply to Acrobat (though it should, and if it does it doesn't say it anywhere that i've found). The original Illy Document has a profile embedded and the colors look and print out just like i need them to. the pdf version however seems to not like that idea and appears to have different profiles for each page. I have made sure that the color profiles are included and no color conversions happen.


      Why am i getting this?


      I can provide a sample set of files so you can hopefully see what i see if you need them.


      I do not know that much about any advanced features of Acrobat, so it may be setting that I'm not aware of or something like that. Color is also not a very high priority (though i really wish it was) in my workflow and thus my understanding of it is also fairly limited. Color theory in college doesn't count i don't think