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    Flash Catalyst to Flash builder


      Yeah, I'm probably working in the wrong direction.


      Actually I'm working from both ends towards the middle.


      I have code and mxml components worked out in FB ( I didn't initially start with a Catalyst compatible project, it's and AIR project), and I have an interface and custom components worked out in Catalyst.


      In my initial experiment, that worked out okay. I imported my Catalyst project into FB and copy/pasted the code into it from the other file. Hack job I know. But this has all been a HUGE learning curve for me. It worked okay because I could just stick with my <RichText> objects since all I was doing was retrieving data from a sqlite db.


      Now, I want to accept user input for writing back to the db, but the <RichText> objects aren't suitable. If I replace the <RichText> objects with <TextInput> objects, they obscure my graphics, because I don't seem to be able to get rid of the border and background of the <TextInput>.


      I thought I found a property of the TextInput control that would change the border color to essentially nothing, but that didn't work. And I can find no solution to remove the background color.


      I also have a RichText area that has a custom scrollbar attached to it. I need to change this to editable text (or an area that I can enter multiple lines of text at run time). Can I retain my scrollbar?


      What's the secret?