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    A few newbie questions

    Nick Schale-yeNCYk

      Ok, I'm an Adobe fanboy, Photoshop/Illustrator ACE but am mainly a video / graphics guy. My employer is inquiring about ‘apps’ what they mean/want= Apps that run on all modern day smart phones and big players in the tablet world. I had a divorce with writing code about 4 years ago (we have both been happy separated from eachother) but it feels like I will be reunited soon.


      Looking for some quick info to get me up to speed (note, I have Master Collection CS5.5):


      1. Code type: Action Script 3? HTML? Or lazy build in Flash?
      2. Would one start in Flash or Flex SDK?
      3. Currently, they want it to play on an iPad… then tomorrow a Playbook… but always on an iPhone and EVO… is this something to consider early in the process?


      I realize these are VERY newbie questions and it’s a long road ahead, thank you for contributing to the journey!



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          blazejewicz Level 4

          Hi Nick,

          I think it depends on content/content type/deployment.

          If that is only video content to be played in standalone or web apps that looks native and support wide range of devices - then your suite already comes with Dreamweaver 5.5  - which has e.g. jQuery Mobile for web based application development/deployment and PhoneGab for native-app development - all coded with html/javascript and both of them support video content.


          With Flash CS5.5 you get timeline based development and authoring tools - but no streamlined user interface element that comes with spark in Flash Builder (Flex SDK). Both Flash CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 outputs using the same Adobe Air development tools (more to read on given software development page).


          Oh: web development with Dreamweaver and jQM does not require App Store submission process required otherwise for content generated with Flash CS/Flash Builder or with PhoneGap in DreamWeaver.