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    ebooks not downloading



      I am trying to download ebooks borrowed from the library and Digital Editions is opening but it is not doing anything after that - no error messages nothing.  I have downloaded ebooks from the library in the past with no issues.  I uninstalled Digitial Editions, restarted my computer and reinstalled it.  I've deauthorized it and authorized it.  What is my next step?  Thanks

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          As a general rule, if things were working AND you haven't done anything to

          the ADE software, we have to look at the layers above it to see if a change

          has caused this condition.  For example, your anti-virus may have had an

          update.  Part of that process is figuring out whether the sender has changed

          something too.  And all too often, they have, but haven't told you.  It's

          possible that their software is sending info to ADE that it can't process.

          I'd suggest that you check with your library and see if anything changed on

          their end.


          Almost all of the time, though, you do not need to uninstall or reinstall

          ADE.  You might have to change a setting, depending on what's going on.



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            Thank you for responding


            I noticed that it is only happening on my Windows 7 computer, my XP computer loads them fine.  I checked the AntiVirus and Firewall and neither has an occurance where it blocked the websites or ADE from working.  My next step is to go on Microsoft's website and see if there is something going on with Windows 7.  We'll see what happens.


            Thanks again.

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              It's not much comfort, but you're not alone.  Several messages posted to the

              forum speak of users who can't download when they convert to W7.



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                I found the fix!!!


                Go to My Documents, My Digital Editions and delete the Restore folder and it will work.


                Thanks Frustrated in AZ for responding to my problem

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                  You're welcome!


                  Now charge up that tablet, get a cold drink, sit down and READ!!!!