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    Default name for a file

    Le Lion 07 Newcomer

      Hello from France.


      May I try to explain my problem ? Well, I'll do with my basic english ...


      When a pic is ready to be recorded, PS use the default name (for a jpeg file, for instance) : "Sans titre - 1.jpg". Is it possible to have a name like : "Sans titre - 01.jpg"  or : "Sans titre - 001.jpg", I mean with "0" or "00" juste before the number.


      Thank you for your answers.


      (W7, PS CS5)

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          arc fixer Pioneer

          Bon Jour,


          In Bridge, Menu>Tools>Batch Rename (Ctrl+Shft+R).




          You can set several parameters.





          P.S. To get a space between the text and the number, I have to put a space at the the end of the text. (CS3)

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            Le Lion 07 Newcomer



            Thank you for the fast answer, but I think it's not the problem. I don't want to rename file(s) wich were already recorded, but to change the default name given by PS. This default name has one digit ("1", "2", "3 ", ...) and I want 2 ou 3 digits.


            Why ? Because I have a lot of slides to scan (with the excellent Nikon CoolScan V ED). So I use PS to scan them (as a twain source) and to modifie them when usefull. And when a slide is ready to be recorded, I would appreciate to have juste to do Ctrl+S, then Enter directly (PS keep the choice ".jpg") and finally Enter one more time for the name. Actually, I'm obliged to add the "0" for the slides 1 to 9.


            I hope my problem is clearer now...

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              arc fixer Pioneer

              Well, in that case.


              I scan tons of slides with my Epson 4490 scanner. Ps is not involved in the process at all. The scanner software offers a naming function that works about like the rename in Bridge. You can set the number of 0's or whatever. I imagine your scanner software can do the same. I use Lightroom, but when I import the files are already properly named by the scanner software. Pretty much the same in Ps.




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                Le Lion 07 Newcomer

                "Ps is not involved in the process at all"


                Of course it is... There is no way to change the default name in the scan, because there is no default name ; if using the scan as independant software, the options for the file name depends of the operating system (W7).


                When I use the scan in Ps :

                - I put the slide in the scan,

                - I press Ctrl+Alt+"!" (a shortcut I created to replace Fichier > Importation > Nikon Scan)

                - the software of Nikon Coolscan opens automatically,

                - I "press" the button "Numériser" with the mouse,

                - at the end of the process, the software of the scan closes,

                - the pic is avalaible in Ps, with the defaut name : "Sans titre - x".


                If I do the same thing with an other scan (for example, my Canon Pixma), the same happens, always with the same defaut name.


                Well, it's not so important... I must just pay attention to change "Sans titre - 1" > "Sans titre - 01", etc.


                Thank you for you help.