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    Default name for a file

    Le Lion 07 Level 1

      Hello from France.


      May I try to explain my problem ? Well, I'll do with my basic english ...


      When a pic is ready to be recorded, PS use the default name (for a jpeg file, for instance) : "Sans titre - 1.jpg". Is it possible to have a name like : "Sans titre - 01.jpg"  or : "Sans titre - 001.jpg", I mean with "0" or "00" juste before the number.


      Thank you for your answers.


      (W7, PS CS5)

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          arc fixer Level 3

          Bon Jour,


          In Bridge, Menu>Tools>Batch Rename (Ctrl+Shft+R).




          You can set several parameters.





          P.S. To get a space between the text and the number, I have to put a space at the the end of the text. (CS3)

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            Le Lion 07 Level 1



            Thank you for the fast answer, but I think it's not the problem. I don't want to rename file(s) wich were already recorded, but to change the default name given by PS. This default name has one digit ("1", "2", "3 ", ...) and I want 2 ou 3 digits.


            Why ? Because I have a lot of slides to scan (with the excellent Nikon CoolScan V ED). So I use PS to scan them (as a twain source) and to modifie them when usefull. And when a slide is ready to be recorded, I would appreciate to have juste to do Ctrl+S, then Enter directly (PS keep the choice ".jpg") and finally Enter one more time for the name. Actually, I'm obliged to add the "0" for the slides 1 to 9.


            I hope my problem is clearer now...

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              arc fixer Level 3

              Well, in that case.


              I scan tons of slides with my Epson 4490 scanner. Ps is not involved in the process at all. The scanner software offers a naming function that works about like the rename in Bridge. You can set the number of 0's or whatever. I imagine your scanner software can do the same. I use Lightroom, but when I import the files are already properly named by the scanner software. Pretty much the same in Ps.




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                Le Lion 07 Level 1

                "Ps is not involved in the process at all"


                Of course it is... There is no way to change the default name in the scan, because there is no default name ; if using the scan as independant software, the options for the file name depends of the operating system (W7).


                When I use the scan in Ps :

                - I put the slide in the scan,

                - I press Ctrl+Alt+"!" (a shortcut I created to replace Fichier > Importation > Nikon Scan)

                - the software of Nikon Coolscan opens automatically,

                - I "press" the button "Numériser" with the mouse,

                - at the end of the process, the software of the scan closes,

                - the pic is avalaible in Ps, with the defaut name : "Sans titre - x".


                If I do the same thing with an other scan (for example, my Canon Pixma), the same happens, always with the same defaut name.


                Well, it's not so important... I must just pay attention to change "Sans titre - 1" > "Sans titre - 01", etc.


                Thank you for you help.