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    Goto Page and Search Feature needed.


      It is really annoying, I have a document with 125 pages, actually not that heavy purely free text. But every single time I open this document I have to scroll 30, 40, 60 times because there is no Go to page function. The other feature the helps a lot on navigation is the search box, so we can do text search. For me this is pretty basic. Please just let us know if there is any plan to have this feature implemented.

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          LoriBelleDeFurio techies

          This is good feedback - thank you for taking time to let us know. I've passed this along to our engineers.


          I accidently gave you instructions for Adobe Reader Desktop:

          - Adobe Reader has both an option to "Go To Page" as well as a Search and Find feature.

          - For GoToPage - select View > Page Navigation > Page and then type in the page number. This can also be accessed by Shift+Control+N (or Shift + Command + N on Mac).

          - For Search you have two options - if you just want to look for a word or phrase, I would suggest using Find (Edit > Find or Control+F). If you want a more advaced search you can select Advanced Search ( Edit > Advanced Search or Shift+Control+F)


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            bharthuar Adobe Employee

            Thanks for the feedback. Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 7 does not support find or go-to-page. These capabilities are being evaluated in the product roadmap for future releases.

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              Please, please, PLEASE!! Give us GoTo and Search functions!! It's absolutely crucial for large documents!! We know you Adobe guys aren't huge Microsoft fans, but come on, your Acrobat reader is the ONLY pdf reader available for Windows Phone 7.5. Thanks in advance!

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                Absolutely agree, without a search and goto facility, this version of reader is virtually useless. You try finding something quickly in a HTC windows phone manual.


                You must incorporate these functions quickly. Will convert pdf to word from now on.

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                  Vice.Mota Community Member

                  Please Adobe let us know what are the plans for the reader for Windows Phone 7? I feel really frustated, I read a lot on my phone and it is really annoying to read PDF files on it. If you have a document with one page it is enought, but document with several pages are impossible to be read.


                  I have several documents with dozens and hundreds of pages which I can not bookmark, go to page neither do text search. I have to scroll scroll scroll. This is not quality! Please let as know if you add these features otherwise we will need to stop using pdf format.


                  In addition the presentation of PDF files in not estable, zooming in and out doesnt work well.



                  That is not the quality we used to see on Adobe products.

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                    dreamfly55555 Community Member

                    It's really time to refresh the reader on Windows Phone 7 market place.  The among of negative feedback is significant.  We are only looking for the most basic reader function: go to page and text search.  I can even live without the bookmark and suffer the ridiculous jerky page scrolling.  Currently I have to press hundreds of time to go to a page of a 1000 page book that I read daily.  Whoever wrote this app should be really ashamed.  Whoever approved this kind of quality software should be fired from the company.

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                      I agree completely. The reader is useless for documents with more than 20 pages because these features are lacking.



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                        buckyuk_uk Community Member

                        Hopefully we'll see the update soon

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                          fletchersplace Community Member

                          Adobe Reader has been updated for Windows Phone 7, with a search function, home button, and view mode, also the file list is better. the only downside is you cannot place your files where you want them. But Windows Phone 8, no doubt will now allow this.