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    CS 5.5 Export - Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error

    Visions-Online Level 1

      I am running CS 5.5 and every time I export in Premiere or in Media Encoder - I get this message:


      Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error


      I have tracked it down to a video clip with alpha channel. I have some animated overlays - If I turn off this layer it exports fine, but unfortunately I need the animated video with alpha in the exported file.


      The video is using the Lagarith Codec. I have updated the codec and still getting the error. I have also tried using other codecs that support an alpha channel, like the Matrox IFrame with Alpha codec and the same problem exists.


      These are TV shows and I need to get this resolved if anyone has any suggestions. I've done hundreds of these same formatted shows in the past, so it is not my system, drives, cpu, etc. This did not happen on previous versions of Premiere Pro.