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    Newbie - Problem with Mixed Format Edits...




      I have just made the jump from Sony Vegas 8 to Premiere Pro CS5.5 a few days ago and I am having a problem working with mixed format edits.


      I have video shot with two HDV cameras and one DSLR.


      I created an HDV 1080i sequence and the HDV clips runs great.  When I add the .mov clip to the sequence, the .mov clip slows downs and gets all jittery,.


      As an experiment, I created a DSLR 1080p sequence and .mov clip runs great in that sequence.


      But now I have two timelines and don't know how to sync them for a multi-cam sequence.


      What can I do to resolve this problem and either have all my video clips on the same timeline, or at least be able to sync multiple sequences.


      I have thought about converting the .mov to a .m2t file, but I'm not sure what to use to do that and if that is even necessary with Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      I hope I stated my probelm clearly as I am very new to video editing.




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          So I think I know what is happening and it probably does not have anything to do with mixed formats.


          What I have noticed is if the HDV video is track 1 and the .mov video is track 2 and I play the video, I'm assuming Premiere is playing both tracks simultaneously and that is taxing my CPU.



          When I slide track 1 past the end of the clips on track 2 (the .mov file), it plays perfectly.



          I suppose I can use the razor tool to slice up my video, but is there a better way to do this?


          I want to sync the clips at a certain point for a multi-cam sequence.