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    Excel Files not importing properly

    sperry1975 Level 1

      I have an xls spreadsheet file I'm importing or placing in InDesign and for some reason all the figures for the document are listing fine except for 2 columbs of cells.  When I place these xls files I place a link to them that way the originals can be updated by anyone and the InDesign file can be handled only by me.  So I've done some experimenting and noticed that if I change the content of the cell from numbers to letters or to a combination of letters and number then it lists the corrections in the InDesign file for the corrected or edited cell only.  The problem is that I need number only and not letters in those cells and without the letters beside the numbers they will not import.  I hope this isn't to confusing.  Any ideas on why it wont list these 2 columbs of numbers?