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    Removing Glossary Hotspots

    wizardmatt Level 1
      Originally my project was requested to use the glossary hotspots for all our glossary terms. As it stands now though we have so many glossary terms, our topics look like swiss cheese. We are looking to remove all the hotspots from the document but keep the glossary if possible. We are fine with removing the terms from the glossary and adding them back, but want to find a solid solution for the removal of the hotspots.

      Thank you in advance
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi wizardmatt

          Probably the best way to do this is by using the Glossary Hotspot Wizard. I believe you *will* have to step through the topics and confirm each deletion, but it's probably the fastest and most reliable way. Well, other than manually opening each topic and locating the hotspots one by one.

          Just make sure you don't delete glossary terms from the Glossary tab before doing this. If you do, it's a lot more difficult.

          Cheers... Rick
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            louisew27128949 Level 1

            Hi Rick,

            I hope you're still around, it's been long since you replied to this question.

            I'm using RoboHelp 11, and have somehow attached one image to all of my glossary terms, because whenever I review a topic, the image displays.

            Creating new glossary terms made no difference, and neither did deleting them and re-creating them.

            Deleting the image caused the 'cannot display image' checkbox to display, so that didn't work.

            When I created a new glossary, it was fine, but as soon as I made it the default, the image returned.

            I hope you can help.



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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Louise


              I'm not dead yet! I feel HAPPY! (in case you didn't recognize it, that's a couple of bits from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


              I'm not sure I've ever seen this. Can you share a screen shot or two? (Scratching my head here)


              Cheers... Rick

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                louisew27128949 Level 1

                Glad to hear, Rick.  :-)


                I managed to fix it, but have no idea what it was. I created a new glossary book and deleted the old one. Perhaps I'd managed to corrupt the old one somehow, I am a new user on RH and we all know what new users are like. lol

                Thanks for replying, appreciated


                PS. Love Monty!

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                  louisew27128949 Level 1

                  ok I didn't fix it. It's back!!


                  What happens now is:

                  After dragging a glossary term into a topic, I preview the topic, and RH tries to display the pic (that I've now deleted from the folder). (first image)

                  When I generate my primary layout however, it displays fine, (second image) but an exception displays which may or may not be related. (third image).

                  Hope this is clear


                  First Image:

                  In the topic preview below, I've circled 2 glossary terms in red. I've expanded the first term which shows in blue text, but haven't expanded the second one.

                  Above both terms, you can see the picture is trying to display but not able to (because I've deleted it), and is displaying the picture indicator, circled in orange.

                  Glossary error.png



                  Second Image:

                  They both display correctly when I generate my primary layout

                  Glossary error1.png


                  Third Image:

                  This exception may or may not be related, but I don't think so as it happened from the first time I generated my primary layout, before I had added glossary terms.

                  Glossary error2.png

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi Louise


                    Can you please select across the term in the topic and change to HTML view, then copy the HTML from there and paste here?


                    Thanks... Rick

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                      louisew27128949 Level 1

                      <p class="BodyText"><?rh-glo_start class="glossterm"?>Dealer Web<?rh-glo_end ?>

                      is p




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                        louisew27128949 Level 1

                        Rick, I found it!


                        It was in my .css file!!