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    "http request error" - SQL call sometimes works, sometimes doesn't


      Hello everyone,

      A bit of a random question, maybe someone has an idea...


      I have a flex app that queries data from a mySQL service via http service. Overall, things work great! The queries are quick to return a result and without issues. But, when I view the website from my work PC, I get this error "HTTP Request Error", and none of the SQL calls work. Any ideas? I know my work has very tight security regulations, but I would still think it would be able to work.


      I can't get a better security message because I can't set up and run flex to debug the issue, all I get is "HTTP Request Error", so who knows what it could be. I have tested my website from about 15 computers/different networks, and they all work, except my work PC. Any ideas?


      And yes, the flash version is current.