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    Help with continual rasterize in pre-comps


      I need some major help. I have an animation that I have built using the puppet tool on a series of differet vector files from illustrator. The animation looks great, but when I place the animation comp (comp 1) into a new comp (comp 2), I am having issue with retaining crisp, clean edges.


      Comp 1 has the continually rasterize button activated on all the layers and the layers are 2d. Comp 2 is composed of all 3d layers, including the pre-comp layer. However the pre-comp layer is now slightly blurry. When I check the "continually rasterize option" for the pre-comp layer, it looks great, but then I lose the animation. It turns to a still image.


      I thought that perhaps my mistake was turning a pre-comp into a 3d layer, when the comp itself is composed of 2d layers, however I turned all the 2d layers in the pre-comp to 3d and that still did not fix the problem.


      Can anyone help me? Thanks so much.