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    Threading graphics in Indesign

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      Hi there


      I was wondering whether it was possible to thread graphics from one text frame or rectangle frame to another.


      I have about 300 linked separate PDF files and can fit about 8 on a 2 column page.  I would like to place them all in either a text frame or graphic frame and then have the ability (as we can do with text) to link from one frame to another.  Is this possible to do with graphics?


      Thanks heaps.

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          No problem, what you are talking about are "Anchored Objects".  Just place them in your document, select one, cut it, put your cursor in a text box and paste it.   Repeat as necessary.  Play around with the text box settings and size to get them on the page heow you want them.


          Unfortunately unless you've got CS5.5 there's no quicker way to put multiple items in the text box that I know of, I'd love for someone to prove me wrong though!

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'm not sure what you are asking here. Without a script, there's no way to place more than one file without clicking the place gun once for each file. Text can be flowed from frame to frame, but images cannot, so even if you use Stix's anchored object workaround to put a lot of images into a single text frame so thaat adding or deleting one would push the others around, you still have to place all the images first.


            Maybe Data merge is appropriate for waht you want, but since I don't know really what the work flow is here, I can't say for sure. Can you provide some more details?

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              Hi there


              Thanks for both your replies.


              Here is an example of a page in Indesign with 8 PDF items on the page.

              I have created a data merge to place these 8 files.

              I'm now wanting to thread them so I can manipulate various pages where required to section them out for each region if need be.

              Some times all will fit nicely on a page but sometimes I'll need to reduce the thread and place it on the next page for the next starting point.  So some pages will have 7 PDF items on them with a filler advert to replace the missing PDF and some pages will have 8 that fit perfectly.


              As Peter mentioned, there obviously is no way to thread the images as we can do with text.  I have tried it with textstitch but this tool only seems to be useful for text frames only.


              Any ideas would be fabulous.



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                Stix Hart Level 5

                You can thread them but you have to do it how I described, make a text box, cut an object, paste it in, then repeat.


                However why mot use data merge to place them and then manipulate manually if needed?  Threading them all in a text file is very useful when you want to later insert one at the beginning and get them all to bump over to the next page nicely, or do the opposite when you take one out.

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                  Hi there Stix


                  As you said I'll cut and paste each PDF file that is linked to Indesign into each text frame column and thread the column text frames.  I think this will be more logical than the data merge mainly due to the fact that I can update the link of a changed PDF single file but would need to run the data merge again if any of the singe PDF files require changing.


                  Thanks for your help with this.



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                    Stix Hart Level 5

                    No problem, glad to help a fellow NZer!

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      ACTUALLY.... I think you can sort of do both.


                      In your merge template, anchor the empty frame that gets the graphic into the text flow of the other fields, then when you run text stitch it should be included withthe flow because it's ALREADY anchored.

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                        Tag Design Level 1

                        HI there


                        I gave this idea a go.


                        • I created a text frame first to fit the size of the PDF
                        • Then I created a rectangle graphic frame away from the text frame
                        • I then cut and pasted it into the text frame and anchored the object
                        • I placed the required field into the graphic frame and ran data merge
                        • The I deleted any empty frames and ran auto stitch
                        • I then deleted some PDF records and replaced them on other pages.


                        This all seemed to work well but I can't get them all in the same text frame.  I'm still working on this with text stitch.  I'll need to do it manually if text stitch won't join the text frames.



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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          Not sure what you mean by you can't get them all in a single text frame. Once you've run text stitch you shooould have a series of threaded text text frames. If you have multiple frames on the page, you can delete all but one and expand it to the full size of the page, or get really drastic and deltete everythng except the very first frame, expand that, then pick up the overset and autoflow into new full-sized frames.


                          You should be controlling what lines stay together and where it is allowed to break between records by using Keep Options in your paragraph styles. You might need to create an additional style (which I would base on an exisiting style that looks identical) that has a different Keep Option, but is otherwise the same, and apply it to the last line to allow a break.