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    Indesign flex

      Hi guys,


      I have two project one written in flex and other part in c++.


      In c++ i am creating a new property in my ApplicationScripting.fr.


      The property defination is like this.

      // Active web service url





      "active fms web service url",

      "Active web service url that will be used to connect FMS web service",


      { }





      But when i try to access this property through flex code. it is giving me compiling error like

      Description Resource Path Location Type
      1119: Access of possibly undefined property activeFmsWebServiceUrl through a reference with static type com.adobe.indesign:Application. LoginDialogLogic.as /FMDesignerFlex/src/com/averydennison/fmdesigner line 110 Flex Problem


      Please advise on it. Do I need to refresh something in flex code. One more thing even i deleted onr property in c++ code, that deleted property is still visible in flex code. Please advise.