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    Highlighting images to print no longer working



      On my works box, Windows XPpro' ver 2002,serv pack 3 and Adobe reader 9 modified 05 july 2011, I can no longer highligh multiple images from the thumbnails to print.  Our IT department don't have an answer as they have never heard of my method.

      It doesn't make any difference whether I am on their secure server or not.

      My method was to open the thumbnails, click the 1st image I wanted, which gets a blue surround then holding down ctrl click the images I want to print so there were multiple images surrounded with a blue border.  Then right click on the blue of one of the selected images and select print pages which brought up the print box where the page numbers of the selected images would appear. Simple.

      Now I can't get multiple images to select!  Any idea why?