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    Integration of several Air / Flex Application


      In order to build a show case i have to integrate serveral Air / Flex / Flash Applications


      I think in general their are several options:

      - Use the Module loader and try to convert apps in to modules

      doesnt really work. e.g. styles in the module are overloaded by the mainApp and you can't reload everything


      - Convert s:Application / s:WindowedApplication into s:group / mx:Box

      doesn't work because the intialisation order of the components seems to differ so that you get null pointers when trying to operate on a currently not existing komponent


      - use HTML Loader to load an embedded swf in the html file

      works partially but i don't know how to embbed the html + swf in the ReleaseBuild air File


      - load an embedded swf version of a Flash Application with SWFLoader

      i got an Error about loading another swf (text....swf) , which i don't really get. Because I used the Merge into code option when compiling the other project


      Any ideas ?