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    Automation License Error with FlexSDK3.3.0 professional with license

    Sai Kumar B

      Hi ,

      We  have professional license for FlexSDK3.3.0 and using ruby automaiton for testing flex application. Even with the License also we are getting "License is not present, With the trial version only limited replays are allowed"   error message in the automation.


      Here are the steps we followed to add the license.

      1. Added license element in flex-config.xml


      2. Bulding the application using Ant.
      3. Included the automation libraries in the build , 
         automation.swc,automation_agent.swc,automation_agent_rb.swc and funfx-0.2.2.swc
      4. Automation is working fine but getitng License Error even after adding the license.

      Note: The Build machine is linux box.

      Could anyone help in resolving this.

      Thanks in Advance,