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    Cant incorporate odd AVI files into pre 7 movie

    Tom Berquist

      Dear Pros:  Please help!


      I recently had to recover some previously deleted camcorder download files, but when I recovered them they seem to have changed and I can't use them anymore. Let me explain: Usually, when I get media from camcorder download files I have an icon showing an actual single frame image from the video tape with a small pre box in the lower right. Now the recovered files have an icon of a generic film strip and a musical note(even tho it shows it is a large AVI file) and when I get media into my Premier it is received not as a video frame but a different icon of an intertwining red and green arrow. And, when I try to incorporate into the timeline I get an error box saying this type of file is not supported or codec required. Can anyone explain and suggest what can be done in simple steps?


      Thanks in advance, Tom