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    Capture - Previewing HDV on Computer Screen

    Taverino Level 2

      I am well-aware of the long-standing limitation of having to preview footage on the camera's display. So I was very surprised when viewing Andrew Devis' latest video tutorial on capturing over at Creative Cow that video from his camera was displayed on his computer screen while he was playing back footage from the camera and selecting start and end points for batch capture. Once footage was actually being recorded by the capture function, the capture area went black.


      I contacted Devis and he was also confused.




      He uses two computers for capture; on his laptop, he also doesn't see the preview, but on his his desktop, he does! Maybe the laptop isn't powerful enough, but I think my system is pretty adequate:


      Win 7 Pro

      i7 X980 3.3GHz

      24GB RAM

      GeForce GTX 480

      Seperate boot drive and seperate RAID0 drives for source and render

      HDV footage from Sony HVR-5ZU


      I've tried both default and legacy Firewire drivers.


      Any ideas how to get preview to display on my computer monitor?