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    Character Limit for Dynamic Text Box?


      Hi all. I am new to these forums.


      Is there a character or word limit for the dynamic text box in Flash CS5? I am using Classic Text and am copying a large amount of text (about 4,700 words or 31,740 characers with spaces) into the text field, but the text is cut off at a certain point (at about 2,600 words or 17,795 characters).  I'm using a UIScrollbar on the text box.


      The full text can be copied into Flash CS3 but not CS5 so what is going on?  Did Adobe create a word limit in the new version? is there some other way around this, other than splitting up the text into 2 text fields?  I should note that I cannot use TLF text for compatibility issues in case that is a possible solution.


      Any help would be appreciated.