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    single digits to double


      I inherited an indesign doc that I need to modify and I am having trouble making a "10" in the sigle digit numbered sections, seems the space only allows for a single digit - please see my image insert below. I assume I need to change either the para or character attributes but I'm not sure what they need to be changed to. Any help is greatly appreciated.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If you look closely at theparagraph panel in your screen shot you'll see the drop cap setting is for two characters, three lines deep. This means that most likely there is either a space in front of just after the single digit, and quite possibly custom kerning has been applied.


          It may be sufficient to remove the space, if before the number, for two-digit numbers, or you may need to change the specification to three characters and add one more hair space and kern it back for single digits, or add a 0 in front of all single digit numbers.