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    How do I make each Chapter Title and SubHeading start on separate pages in CS5.5?


      Hi. I have a document which I am making into an epub for iPad. I want every chapter title and subheading to appear on it's own separate page, and be viewable in the Table of Contents.


      It is comprised of approximately 20 chapters each with about 10 subheadings. At present I have each chapter and Subheading on a separate page in InDesign, each in their own text box. When making the Table of Contents style I gave the Chapter Title a level 1 'rank' and Subheading a level 2 'rank.'


      When I have exported to epub In the Contents menu I ticked the box 'Break Document at Paragraph Style' and selected the Subheading style I made. I've then exported the epub and tested it. The Table of Contents looks great. I have each chapter title listed and slightly indented and I have each of the Subheadings below it. When reading through the epub each subheading starts on its own page, however each Chapter Title starts on the same page as the preceeding subheading. To try and stop this on the last page of each subheading I have added a page break by typing Ctrl + Number Enter but this hasn't made a difference.


      So I have each subheading starting on its own page, how do I also get the Chapter Title to start on its own page?