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    HowTo: JSXBIN


      OK! SO, with all the help I've received from this forum over the last few days, I have finally finished my script, and I'm ready to package it up and send it off to the users.


      I want to "Export as Binary" from the ESTK. I then want my users to put the scripts in their InDesign server Scripts folder. My folder structure looks something like this:



                                           \startup scripts\




      The contents of startup.jsx is a near-clone of the 'Export as XHTML' folder I found in the Scripts dir. I've trimmed it to suit my needs.


      Now, I restart InDesign service, and it appears to execute my startup.jsx (I can see it in the App logs).


      I don't think I'm doing this correctly, though, because a telltale function, "hello()", is not apparently available. I wrote a simple SOAP call to InDesign which does nothing more than try to execute hello(), and I keep getting error in my logs, "hello is not a function" -- Boo! Hiss!


      What's going on here? Am I doing this correctly?