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    Where the heck has everything gone and how do I get it back???


      I changed computers and (sort of) managed to bring all my books over to the new one.   Took my loaded NOOK when going on vacation to South Africa for a month and guess what?  When I went to read something, the Nook said that the user (ME) was not authorized.   After many, many emails, B&N told me to unregister my Nook, reregister my Nook;  delete adobe digital editions and Digital Editions files from the Nook drive.   So I had nothing...right?   They then said open ADE (which I no longer had since they told me to delete it).   So I redownloaded ADE, and authorized it again.   They then said drag and drop books to ADE bookshelves.  But there weren't any books, since I had done what they said and deleted everything.  Good Grief!   Can someone please tell me

      how to get my books back, and how to make sure that I will no longer be an "unauthorized user".....this product has to be one of the most frustrating

      things I have ever bought!