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    A Final Cutter Tries Out Premiere Pro

    James P. Brady Level 1

      I found this article on Creative Cow.  An interesting read and an overall good review for Adobe.

      Most of the good things will come as no surprise to longtime Premiere users, and most of the bad things are not so if you're already used to the way Adobe organizes (though in a few cases, not bad homework for the Adobe development team)!  Enjoy.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Some highlights for the busy FCP-to-PP wannbe.



          " I was impressed with how much further ahead Premiere was compared to Final Cut 7 (importing native footage, the Mercury Engine's high  performance, and tight integration with other must-have tools)."


          "Premiere's overall layout is very Final Cut-esque."


          "Adobe makes it easier for Final Cut users to try out Premiere, thanks to the inclusion of a template of keyboard shortcuts inspired by Final Cut"


          "...it's very nice not to transcode media into ProRes."


          "There's a dynamic Search field in the Project window.  That's a little quick erand easier than Final Cut's clunky Find... function.


          "Adobe has gotten religion about metadata.   This is a nice improvement over Final Cut 7, which has virtually no inter-application metadata support (unless you're also using the now-cancelled Final Cut Server)."


          "Premiere's editing tools work much like Final Cut's. All the essentials are there"


          "If I had tried to do this effects-heavy work with After Effects and  Final Cut, I think it would have taken me an extra 2-3 days of  re-rendering and importing effects."


          "When I imported a Photoshop file and edited it on Premiere's Timeline,  any changes I later made to the file would also automatically reflect on  the Timeline"


          "I regularly uploaded small samples of my video to an FTP server for client review.  Fortunately, doing all that was just as easy with Premiere."


          "When I exported video from Premiere or from the Adobe Media Encoder, both apps sped things up considerably by using all the cores of my 8-core Mac Pro. That was very nice, after years of watching Compressor ignore most of my Mac's horsepower."


          "When you export video directly from Premiere or use Media Encoder, you can embed the exported videos with a ton of metadata.  Compressor can't touch that."


          "I can definitely say that First Contact with Premiere was impressive and compelling. And beyond the application itself, I have  a lot more confidence in Adobe's ability to deliver professional  solutions than I do Apple's."