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    How to convert RSS to XFDF


      We have a Java web app that implements a WebDAV servlet and receives shared review annotations which we store on the file system. At the end of the shared review, we want to build the final PDF using LiveCycle to embed the annotations and/or attachments into it. We are currently using an XSLT transformation to convert the saved annotations to XFDF format so that it can be "imported" into the PDF by LiveCycle. However, the one thing we have not been able to do is to embed the attachments into the XFDF. Does anyone have any idea how this can be done?


      To clarify, when Reader send annotations and attachments to the WebDAV server, it sends the annotations as RSS and then sends the attachments to the WebDAV server and they are stored in the repository location's attachments directory. However, XFDF format embeds the attachment data as a binary stream in the XFDF file. So, we need to not only transform the RSS stored on the file system to XFDF (which we have done already) but we also need to read the attachment (which has a reference in the RSS, so we know it is available in the attachments directory), turn it into an XFDF-compatible stream, and embed it into the XFDF file before asking LiveCycle to embed it all in the PDF.


      Ideally, there would be some sort of XSLT extension that would allow this to be done at the time of RSS to XFDF transformation, but we could certainly make use of another mechanism, like a Java class/package that would do the conversion for us. One issue is that we can find no information on the format that is used to store the attachments, which makes it difficult to figure out a way to convert it to something else.


      Any help/leads appreciated.