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    Eliminate Home from breadcrumb trail?


      I'm working in RH8, and I'd like to eliminate the home reference from our breadcrumb trail.  Here's why: our RH files usually contain help for different users, each under a different book, plus links to shared core competency files that are shares across all the subsystems of our application.  A single subsystem's Help TOC might look like this:



      shared topic--how to access the entire system

      shared topic--how to update your password


      admin landing page

      another admin topic


      manager landing page

      another manager topic


      We _don't_ want the "How to access the entire system" link to be the home page.  We also don't want a breadcrumb trail from a manager topic to link to the admin's landing page--in other words, no one home page is applicable for all topics.


      The ideal solution seems to me to be getting rid of the home page link altogether so that each breadcrumb trail stops at the first topic in the highest book level for each topic.


      Is this possible?