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    Acrobat Professional versus LiveCycle Designer


      I am looking into some training for LiveCycle Designer to be able to create a form that will be accesible for my volunteers via email or a webpage. When they fill out this form I want to be able to transfer the data into an Excel spreadsheet and filter to my reporting need. There is an institute offering a bundle which includes Adobe Acrobat Professional level 1 and 2 and LiveCycle Designer. I can also just take LiveCycle Designer but I don't know if knowing Adobe Acrobat Professional will be beneficial to know to what I want to do. Can some one please explain the major difference between each? And would you recommend me taking both trainings for Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer?


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          Personally I would say that this sounds like the right "bundle". Creating forms in Designer for publication (respecting the EULA) will require use of Acrobat to "extend" those forms and then capture the data back into a local table (pdf, excel, acrobat.com, etc.).


          If you were just creating forms to be pushed into an enterprise distribution system like LiveCycle, then just Designer would be fine. In your scenario it sounds like Acrobat would be the distribution and data capture mechanism so both courses are a good idea.