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    Time Machine with Indesign CS4, won't package files


      HI, did not find a solution to my problem on previous threads..I am running 10.5 on my G4, CS4, and Time Machine backs up my working files on my internal Documents hard drive to an external backup drive.


      I am trying to archive files by packaging up to one place to burn a dvd, these are large magazine files and images come from several places..since Time Machine was set up, Indesign is not collecting the images that TM backs up.


      I need to solve this asap, we are talking hundreds of images and I thought I was smart to use TM as backup system. Can I just turn TM off, and then try collecting? I don't see any preflight preferences anywhere? I've tried collecting to internal HD and the TM HD, nothing is working.


      any help would be appreciated..