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    Modify or disable Full Reader Search for kiosk


      We are developing a kiosk application where PDF documents will be displayed in a web browser.  I'm using a folder-level script to hide menu items and toolbar buttons, leaving only page navigation, page display and search or find features.


      The problem I'm having is that I need to restrict searching to the active document and the "Find" toolbar button gives users access to the Full Reader Search with its options to explore more of the file system.


      I either need to configure
      - the "Find [FindEdit]" toolbar button so the Full Reader Search is disabled,
      - or the "Search [FindDialog]" toolbar button so that it doesn't give users an option to explore the file system like "Save and View this PDF in ..." or "Search All PDF Documents in ...".


      Can this be done with a script, or do I need to build my own toolbar button?


      Our environment is:  Windows XPSP3, Reader 8.3.0, MS IE7 browser.

      (Note:  I can't upgrade past Reader 8.3 at this time due to dependencies of a 3rd-party enterprise application).