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    Write document to a dynamic sub directory

    Han Dao Level 1



      I am using the Write Document (FileUtilService) to to write some attachments to a static directory by using the below statement and it works just fine.


      Input - Pathname Pattern (XPath expression)

      concat("D:\MyDir\", getDocAttribute(/process_data/attachments[number(/process_data/@attachCount)],"wsfilename"))


      Now I would like to them to a dynamic sub-directory like "D:\MyDir\XXXX\"   where XXXX is number that dynamic change by Process ID.

      I try this:   concat("D:\MyDir\process_data/@id$}\", getDocAttribute(/process_data/attachments[number(/process_data/@attachCount)],"wsfilename"))

      but it does not work right.


      Can any one please adivse.


      Thanks in advance,

      Han Dao