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    What's the best way to locate PrPro5.5 Bottlenecks on a Mac?


      First off, due to employer demand, I had to switch over my 8 year long stretch of using a PC for Adobe products over to a new Mac Pro. I was adamantly against this but seeing as I don't run the place, I was overruled.


      About a month ago the beast arrived. And as a note, I configured a way more powerful PC configuration for less than 1/2 price, but I digress.


      The Mac Pro is 12 core (2 x 2.66ghz 6 Core Intel Xeon) with 32gb of RAM (Eight sticks of 4gb at 1333mhz) a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac with the Mercury Engine enabled, the Apple Solid State 500gb drive for the main drive and three - 3 terrabyte Hitachi 7200 drives as individual disks.


      I have all programs on the SSD.


      I use a separate 3TB drive for my media.


      I use a seperate 3TB drive for cache.


      I use the third drive for previews.


      And yet Premiere Pro CS 5.5 is laggy. There is literally a 1/2 second to full second lag when I am repositioning clips on the timeline. If I move too fast around the timeline the playback is jerky, laggy and unresponsive.


      How can this be???? My old Dell Precision 6400 laptop was more responsive than this!


      I'm not editing 4K or even 2K RED files. I'm editing DSLR Canon 5D 1080p footage.


      What have I done wrong?


      This ******* computer should be able to launch the space shuttle let alone edit HD-DSLR footage!


      Please assist. After 4 weeks of this I literally am going insane.


      I use the Mac Activity Monitor Utility and the processors don't even go above 15%. I haven't used Macs since 2003 so I'm certain the problem is my error, I just don't know how to find and fix it.


      I'm assuming that the problem is coming from not having a RAID disk system for storing of media. If that is the case I would rather do an external RAID drive solution and if you have any recommendations it would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.