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    xml import not frame accurate-

    Max Slomoff


      i exported a xml 5 from final cut 7 of a music video

      3 minutes long


      imported this file into premiere. at first glance it seems to have imported the complete project, including all the layers, clips and transitions.


      but, then i noticed the sync was off.


      i exported a .mov from the fcp project and layed it over the premier project and the whole thing is off. the first frame doesn't even match.


      the sequence settings are the same. 24p. the media is prores hq. the audio is aiff.


      The problems are these:

      -the audio of the xml import and the .mov import is also not in sync (perhaps premier doesn't work well with aiff

      -a lot of the shots have been frame blended. there are shots at 23.98 and 24fps in the fcp project. premier is using the same source footage, so in item properties the 23.98 clips will say they are 23.98, and in the viewer they will look normal- but playing out of the sequence anything with 23.98 has this ghosty frameblended look - perhaps it is being played out of the sequence at 24fps instead of 23.98. shots from the fcp project that were in 24fps are replicated frame accurately.


      the reason i have both framerates in the fcp project is because there were some


      after replacing the aiff i could get the project in much better sync.


      but there doesn't seem to be a solution for the frame blending problem. any ideas?


      my purpose for moving from fcp to premiere is to finally arrive in ae.


      the good news is that, once importing the sequence into ae, this frame blending goes away and the shots are again played as they should be in ae.


      i am going to continue finishing the fx and editing in ae - crossing my fingers that the sync holds together in the end.


      i was wondering if it would be easier to go back to premier from ae for the final qc to make sure everything syncs and edits together properly - but i'm not sure that is going to work. i see there is some functionality for replacing clips with ae comps.


      in any event, i've written a saga here and now its time to get back to work.