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    SWF Not Working...Help Please :(


      Hi all,


      So I've been having an issue with a SWF not work on a page and this is what I can seem to come up with after hours of messing with Dreamweaver and Flash trying to understand why it won't work. When i test the movie from the working Flash file, it works no problem. Something is going wrong when I export or publish the movie and it no longer works. Is this something that happens?


      Your help is much appreciated...this site needs to go up in the next day or so and the SWF was working and then stopped working and I'm honestly not a Flash gal so I really have no business messing with it, but it was a specific request. Thanks!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the swf file doing--does it load external files as part of its normal functionality?  Where are you testing it when it fails?  Do you have a link you can share that demonstrates it not working?

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            jenbennettnj Level 1

            The swf file does load content from an xml file as part of its' normal functioning. When I test from Flash, it works properly but as soon as I export or publish, the swf that's created no longer works to show in Flash or elsewhere. The link for the page I'm trying to load it on is http://wwwstaging.proclivitysystems.com/overview.html and the link to the swf itself is http://wwwstaging.proclivitysystems.com/carousel3.swf both up on our staging server. Thank you so much for any help...my brain is mush at this point cause I just don't really know Flash

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              One thing that might be an issue as far as the web page goes it that the html specifies a file named carousel2.swf which does not appear to exist on the server and is not the same name as the file you are calling the swf in your swf link (*carousel3.swf).


              Without knowing what goes on inside carousel3, or carousel 2 for that matter, it's hard to say if it is missing the xml file that it might need.  But for either case, are you certain that you have uploaded the xml file that is needed?

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                jenbennettnj Level 1

                Wow...I'm completely embarrassed that I didn't realize I forgot to upload carousel2 to the server. My brain was having a tough time yesterday after 2 days of battling this haha. I had deleted it to make a fresh upload and I guess lost track of it...but it's loaded now, and still isn't functioning. It calls to an xml file called "icons" that is on the server and was working previously. I think I might have to just recreate the whole Flash file and see if that works Do you know about XML files? I need to have a link within the copy that it pulls, but I'm unsure of how to do that properly and what I found in a search didn't produce anything when it was working. Thanks so much for your help!!

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                  jenbennettnj Level 1

                  I found the problem...there was an extra letter hanging out where it didn't belong in the XML file and it had it all thrown off. I knew it had to be something simple that I was overlooking. But still looking into formatting the text and getting a link in. Thank you so much for your help!