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    Form Redirect not working




      I've created a couple of forms. When the user hits submit on the first form, it redirects them to the second form. And then the Second form redirects to itself, effectively giving the user a new blank form to enter more info. This works fine when I test it on Forms Central. But on my website, where I've embedded the code for the first form, the user hits submit and they see the confirmation page minus the redirect line - and of course it doesn't redirect to the second form. For testing, I put the embedded code for form number 2 on a page and I see the same results - no redirecting back to an empty form.  This was working last week - has something changed?





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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Currently, embedded forms don't support redirect after submit. Redirect only works when you are using the URL in a full window.


          Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope to support redirects in the embed case in our Aug/Sept release.



          Randy Swineford

          FormsCentral product manager

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            I think I'm  having the same problem.  We are using the form for respondents to complete multiple times.  Say for example, they have 10 to submit.   I was hoping that that it would redirect the respondent back to the beginning so that they can fill out another form.  But I understand from your answer that it still won't do that.


            First of all is that what you are saying?  Second, any idea as to when we might be able to do that?  You mentioned maybe Aug or Sept.  

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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              If your form is embedded within a web page then it won't redirect currently. In our end of August release we will allow an embedded form to redirect within its iFrame.


              Thanks for your patience.



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                EllyPoppe Level 1

                Meanwhile, I replaced my embedded code on my webpage with a simple link

                (nicely formatted) to my form - the full page redirects then so it's a

                good work around while we wait for August.