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    Paragraph Style Inconsistency


      I'm using CS4 on a mac in order to layout and publish a law journal. It consists of several articles, each of which is its own separate word document. Each document has footnotes and each document, very importantly, has certain words throughout which appear in italics.


      My problem is: when I place the word document into indesign and attempt to apply the paragraph style for the main body text, the paragraph style is not applied consistently.

      In one document that was placed, most paragraphs were fine. In another, most were not. What happens is when I apply the desired body text style, the font changes size to the correct size, but remains in its original font. I want things to be size 11, Book Antiqua, with the italicized words remaining as such. Instead, I end up with some paragraphs like that and other which are size 11 Times New Roman or Calibri - the original font. My only solution thus far has been to manually highlight the offending paragraphs and change the font  to Book Antiqua - Regular, but this eliminates my much needed italics and I then have to go manually track each of them down and re-italicize them.


      Why would this be happening? Is there a work around? Is there something I could do to the document before I place it in InDesign that would ensure consistent application of the style?