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    Question about stop motion animation


      I recently got questioned by a corporate client if I can make a animation demo video for a software suite he plans to sell.

      For refrence he gave me the dropbox introduction video and the very commonly seen whiteboard UPS commercials. ( Ethier style will work for him )

      Is anyone expierenced in this type of animation? I have several graphic artists at my disposal and I would like to know the workflow for the project in premiere pro. More importantly is adobe the proper software for this kind of apllication or does adobe offer another solution to solve this workflow issue.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrPro can do Stop-Motion nicely.


          • The first choice to make will be the Duration of the stills. I have used between 03 and 10 Frames, depending on the "feel" that you want.
          • Set the Duration in Edit>Preferences
          • While there, set the Transition Duration to about 1/2 of the Stills Duration chosen. Again, a bit of experimentation will pay off.
          • Choose Cross-Dissolve as the default Transition
          • I'd Scale the Still Images to match your Sequence (here, if no Video is used, it would be per your output) Frame Size to keep overhead down
          • Number your Still Image sequentially
          • Import the Still Images
          • Check that the order is in sequence, say ____0001 through ____9999
          • Select them in Project Panel
          • Automate to Sequence and check the settings


          Hope that helps, and I would work with small batches of images first, just to get things like Duration and Transition Duration where you, and the client, want them to be.


          Good luck,



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            Tcosmos357 Level 1

            sounds fantastic, now comes the hard part, trying to draw a proper animation : )

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, once you have the "edit plan," with a little testing complete, the actual animation IS the hard part.


              Good luck,