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    Premiere Existing Project Suddenly Running Slow


      I'm currently working on a project in premiere that has been running fine up until recently. Now, when trying to edit the video it starts running extremely slow and choppy for no apparent reason.


      The project that I'm using is an edited version of another project I have.  I saved it as a different file and started editing it, the first version of the project runs fine while the second is extremely choppy.  It's using all the same video files from the same sources and locations on the harddrive.  I've tried restarting the computer, ran spyware and anti-virus software on the computer and it's clean.  There's no other programs running in the background while I'm editing.  I read something online about the scratch disks and tried changing their location. The video in the program monitor is running back and 1/2 resolution. Also if I try to render effects in the work area it takes an extremely long time and doesn't help the overall quality of how the video plays back during editing. Quite honestly I'm out of ideas at this point.


      I'm currently working with Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5.5 Version 5.5.0 (233 (MC: 258762)).  The computer itself is running Windows 7 64bit service pack 1, has an i5 processor and 4 gigs of ram, has a 4.1 for the windows experience index, and has a 600 gig hard drive with 155 gigs still free.


      Any advice or ideas on how to make the editing process run smooth again would be greatly appreciated.  It puts a hault to the workflow when you can't tell if an edit looks right because of choppy video.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          With Win7-64, the first thing that I would look at would adding RAM. That 4GB is just about enough to run Win7-64, and not much more.


          Next, do you have only one physical HDD? If so, I would look into adding at least one more, and place your Projects, media and Scratch Disks onto it. A third HDD would be a good idea too, and then separate your media, from your Project and Scratch Disks.


          What are the specs. of your Source Files? If AVCHD, or any other flavor of H.264, then the i5 just might never you really smooth playback.


          Good luck,



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            Did the Mercury Playback setting accidentally/randomly get dissabled?

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              ehunter82 Level 1

              Actually, As we said above we have been working on this project for 5 months with no issues.  The i5 and the computer in general have been amazing.


              The only thing I can think of that changed in our work flow just before it stopped responding while playing unrendered files is we had to throw an iphone video on the timeline.


              Before I could play unrendered timeline files; now I have to render it for smooth playback.



              I checked the Mercury setting and it is greyed out.