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    Importing XML Path to files on windows shared drive from MAC?


      Hi, looking to setup our xml file that will be imported in to InDesign on MAC to point to a shared image folder on our windows network.  I can map drive and get to them manually but not sure of pathing in xml href reference in xml file.


      Below is part of xml file with one link that works when pointing applications folder on MAC but first one pointing to (href="file:///app1/updates/2,jpg") windows network does not.  Tried different variations but can't seem to get.  When run script, it prompts for file and does opne the updates folder itself then when select file manually, it does import but want it to just autoflow.


      Windows Server Name:   APP1

      Shared Folder Name:      Updates


      XML Sample:



      <Description>Hellmans Mayonnaise1</Description>





      <Item_Num>48001 21348</Item_Num>





      <btImage href="file:///app1/updates/2,jpg" />    <--No Good-->


      <Description>Hellmans2 Mayonnaise2</Description>




      <Item_Num>48001 21337</Item_Num>




      </Amt_UP><btImage href="file:///Applications/3.jpg" />    <--Good when on MAC-->