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    Sound problem




      Yesterday when I edited a movie from a day of flying radio-controlled airplanesso, I encountered a problem.
      That's when I almost finished a project I discovered that I had made some unconscious changes. Since I could not undo all the strange changes I made I decided to shut down the program and re-open it from the last saving point, about 5 minutes earlier.
      Once Premier Pro had started and the project re-opened, I noticed that nearly all sound was gone. The tracks were left in the timeline but the sound waves were gone,just as the sound. The few sound files that still remained had instead been grossly displaced and did not fit with previous editing.
      I checked the source file and discovered that the sound seemed to been chopped and removed in different places, which meant that the sound now miss matched the film. Because some of the sound now become "clipped", only about 30 minutes of audio from the original one hour and fifty minutes remaind. This ment that about 20 min in to the movie the music from the ending titles began playing, while two carecters could be talking.
      I played the source file in Vlan and everything was as usual. Have also tried to start a new project with the source file, which gives the same result.
      It seems that Premier cuts sound here and there.

      Anyone who knows if it's posible to "reconnect" the files with the tracks alredy placed in the timeline, since it was a hell of a job finding the specific sounds to match with the clips.


      Propertise of the souce file:

      Type: AVI Movie

      File Size: 1,3 GB

      Image Size: 1280 x 528

      Frame Rate: 24,00

      Source Audio Format: 11025 Hz - 16 bit - Mono

      Project Audio Format: 11025 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Mono

      Total Duration: 01:49:35:10

      Average Data Rate: 210 KB / second

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1,0



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          Welcome to the forum.


          First thing that I would do would be to look in the AutoSave folder, and Open the latest PRPROJ file there. Note: if you have the default, you will have 5 files, 1 - 5. Look at the Date/Time, as file 3 might be newer than 5. It's a FIFO situation.


          Check that last AutoSave. If the program did an AutoSave, after you made the edits, go to the one before that, or the one before that.


          Hopeuflly, you have an AutoSave without the funky edits.


          Now, for the future, if you find that you have made bad edits, look in the History Panel, as you might be able to go back to when all was good. This only works, if you do not shut down the Project.


          Also, I like to make Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy, when I have done a major edit, and things look good. That has save MY bacon on a few occasions, when I did stuff that I did not want, and exceeded the History States.


          Good luck,



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            Thanks for your respons, but unfortunately it did not work. Even thou i whent back all the way to 2011-07-06 the sound still was missing. It seems that the source file has ben corrupted in premier pro. Is there any possibility to fix that?

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              OK. Are the Audio files still available on your HDD, and do they play fine, outside of PrPro?


              If so, then "hide" those files from PrPro, by Moving them to a new folder. Make note of that folder.


              Launch PrPro, and Open that Project. PrPro should then ask you, "Where is file _____.WAV?" Navigate to where you Moved the files, and PrPro should survey that folder, and locate all of those files. Let the program Conform ALL of those files - just be patient.




              If all is good, then do a Save_As, so as to not overwrite your original Project file.


              Good luck,



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                I've relocated my source file and made a link to it in pro. Still no change.

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                  I've just spent an hour re-converting my source file to a media typ that was supported by Pro. I put it in the original folder from were the it was linked and now its all good again.

                  Thank you Bill for showing a intrest in my problem.


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                    Reconverted the source file

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                      I put it in the original folder from were the it was linked and now its all good again.


                      Great news! Thanks for the update.


                      Good luck,