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    Premiere Slow to Play, Scrub, and crashes in project manager


      I am in the process of bringing in a project from CS3.  The video for this project is all standard definition quicktime dv.  My problem is that now everything is slow and doesn't work.  When I try to scrub a file, my video doesn't move.  It takes minutes for the video to catch up.  If I try to play, I get nothing as well.  When running the project manager, the software crashes.


      Specs for my system are as follows.  I am running a Dell M17X core 2 with 4gb ram in Win 64.  I realize that this isn't ideal but that is all I have at the moment.  The video card is a Gefore 260m and there is also a Geforce 9400 integrated card in this system. I brought everything over to the internal hard drive to see if things would be better and they have not.  All I have is an external firewire drive for use.


      Now new projects don't give me this grief so I don't know whats going on.