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    Flex Mobile Projet - ActionBar position

    Komal Mehta

      Hi, I have created a Flex mobile project, with ViewNavigatorApplication layout.  I want to position the ActionBar in the bottom of the app, rather than the default top aligned. How can I do that?


      I tried by setting the this.navigator.actionBar.y = 300; in the creationComplete of the application, but as I navigate to any other view, it jumps back to top.


      Please suggest.

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          Rangora Level 3

          If you can't find a better solution, extend the View class and add the code to this extended view. All your view will then have to extend this view.


          You would have to add something like navigator.actionBar.y = FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.height - navigator.actionBar.height; in the creationCompleteHandler (i would use a callLater because your change will be overwrited by the view_creationCompleteHandler) and in the viewActivate Handler. The navigator will always flash at the top when you switch view... It's why I hope you'll find a better way to do it.