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    third monitor on NVIDIA 6600

    Chris Nierop Level 1

      I recently changed computers and installed W7 64bts.

      Also I upgraded PPRO, Encore and Audition to 5.5.

      On my earlier system I did use the Matrox RTX 100 card to support the 3th monitor using the break out box s-video, which, I think,  will not working anymore on the W7 64 bts machine. So I quitte this card.

      I think of following the suggestion given on this forum to install my old NVIDIA 6600 card, together with the new ENGTX570 NVIDIA card. The old card to suppport the 3th monitor.

      I am not shure if this will work, neither if maybe the new card, which have two DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort will support the 3 monitors by itself using the two DVI for the 2 basic monitors and the DisplayPort for the 3th monitor.

      Anyone have some expierience with this configuration? How do I configure PPRO 5.5 to drive the third monitor if this will work?

      Thanks for replying.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Despite all the connectors on you video card, all nVidia cards only allow 2 to be active at the same time. If you need more than 2 monitors at the same time, you can either use an AMD/ATI Eyefinity card or use two nVidia cards. The latter solution can be tricky, but since both of your suggested nVidia cards do NOT support hardware acceleration, you may be better off with a single AMD/ATI card. The alternative is to get two GTX 460+ cards and possibly a new PSU and more cooling. A third monitor is also possible with a firewire connection thru a camera/deck but only in SD and always without hardware acceleration.

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            Chris Nierop Level 1


            Thanks for the suggestions.

            I already have the NVIDIA 570 card, due to the certification of ADOBE.

            So changing it to another card is costineffective.

            Can you a bit specific on your comment of using another NVIDA card as driver for the 3th monitor. There are many discussions on the forum(s) on this subject, and mostly the use of a second (but from the same branche) videocards is often suggested. I will also look at te possibility you suggested to use the deck (JVC BR DV 600EA) as starting point.


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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              I misread your mention of the GTX 570 and read it instead as a Quadro FX 570, hence my remarks. Sorry.


              I would try to get a GTX 560 or even a GTX 550 as a second card, provided you can return it if it does not work as expected. They are the same generation as your current 570 and use the same drivers. Be sure that you activate the 570 as your CUDA card and use the other one only to connect your third or fourth monitor.

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                Chris Nierop Level 1

                Thanks, I will try the 550.

                One silly question, but as I am a common user and not well known with the technical aspects.

                If the set up works, I expect that the three monitors give principally the same picture (clone). Drag and drop the menus in PPRO 5.5 you can easely make your own setiings for editingpurposes on the 2 basic editing monitoren. Thats what I already did.

                But how does the 3th monitor knows, that it only should give the sourcemonitor in good quality. Which way should I prepair PPRO 5.5 that this will happpen.