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    Increse file size


      Hi All


      I am new to flash, but use it to convert my FCP .mov docs to swf


      My client has requested the following;


      Codec: Sorenson Spark Pro
      Method: 2-pass VBR
      Data rate: 436Kbps
      Frame size: 320 x 240
      Frame rate: 1:1





      The agency representing them wants the file to be around 10mb! but obviously it cant be ..its currently 60kb. NOW! as i said im new to Flash so dont want to appear arrogant to my client but as far as im concerned its impossible to get a file size that big from these figures. ...or am i wrong?


      does anyone know what the above requirements would look like if they wanted a 10mb file?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The specs that you show are for a video file. You say that your client wants you to convert a video file to Flash. A Flash file exported to video will result in a much larger file size for the exported video. The size of the exported file is dependent on several variables: frame rate, image size and compressor used.


          Converting a video file to Flash will also create a large file. One of the elements that accounts for Flash's small file size is that it uses vector images. Using raster images, as in imported photos, photoshop files, or digital video, will dramatically increase the size of the file in Flash.


          What is it that you want to do?

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            No offense to your client but the request makes no sense at all.

            As mentioned, the specs are for a video file. So lets just assume that they don’t understand that the video file gets displayed by the .swf….. not that the video is converted into a .swf (since they provided the specs for a video file).

            Then to use Sorenson Spark? Now that’s a really old codec, still, maybe that’s what they want, for whatever reason (most likely because that’s what they used 10 years ago).

            Frame size of 320 x 240, again, the really old, standard def, “when video was first put on the Web” display size. And this 4:3 aspect ratio may or may not match the aspect ratio of your original .mov file. If it does, fine! If not, your video will come out distorted.

            All that being said, if they wanted a 10MB file that was encoded at 436kbps, the math says the file would look approximately like this:

            10MBytes = approx (10 x 8) 80,000bits

            80,000 / 436 (kbps) = approx 183 seconds of data or a 3 minute video

            which may or may not have anything what so ever to do with the actual length of the original video file.

            A more realistic request might be something like this:


            Codec: Sorenson Spark Pro

            Method: 2-pass VBR

            MAX Data rate: 436Kbps

            Frame size: 320 x 240

            Frame rate: 1:1

            MAX file size: 10MB


            Best of luck!


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              Lon Winters Level 4

              These are indeed old specs. Don't forget that Sorensen squeeze used to be able to render a video as a swf, that was around the time flv was just coming on the scene and we didn't have all these options for flash video players and components.